Outlook Calendar Feature Request - allow [Retain History] when canceling recurring meetings

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I use Outlook Calendar to track my time worked on different activities and also as a reference when I need to refer back to what I did over time.


Sometimes I am invited to a recurring meeting where the end date is either not set, or is set using the Outlook default.  The meeting organizer may view past meetings as irrelevant, so when there is no longer any need for future meetings, they simply cancel the series instead of setting the end date of the recurrance.


When this happens, I receive notification that the meeting has been canceled and I have two options:

  1. Click the button to [Remove from Calendar]
  2. Don't click the button.

If I click the button to [Remove from Calendar], all record of past meetings is removed, regardless of whether I attended them.  If I don't click the button, then an indeterminate number of recurruing meetings remains on my future calendar with "Canceled:" added to the subject.


Neither of these options are optimal.


Feature request: Add a button next to [Remove from Calendar] to [Remove Future Meetings].  This button will retain all past meetings from the series on my calendar, along with all meeting details, notes, etc saved in the meeting invitation, and it will remove all future meetings.

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