Outlook: body of the Mail dissapear and when try to write and hit enter the text dissapear

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Hi team,

as today May 11th, 2021 I start to have Outlook problems with 4 of my customers (all of them are differente tennant) and is this, when the open Outlook for desktop under Windows 10 (20H4), the body of the message does not appear, however if you go to the web the message is complete, I try to change the view but the problem is not there.

Aditionally, when they try to make a new message and start to type in the body once they hit enter the word before disappear as if you were writing with the same color of the background and same for the letters, I can not find any solution even trying to start with Outlook cmdlets as /resetnavpane or similar, do some of you has the same problem and how do you solve it?

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Was an issue on MS side, should be fixed now. You might want to stay off the "current" builds to avoid such things in the future :)
yes I found at https://portal.office.com/servicestatus that the problem was Microsoft, and after some hours they automaticly fix the problem. Thanks for the advice.