Outlook Auto-refreshing on Web - How Do I Stop

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This is an annoying problem that only started recently and is interfering with my email workflow.


We have Microsoft 365 and I use the online Outlook app extensively.  I will commonly have multiple tabs open with different emails visible and my calendar open in a separate tab.  I have been doing this for more than a year without any issues and enjoy the ability to have more than one view of my email and calendar.  Recently, a new behavior started where all my Outlook tabs will spontaneously auto-refresh which destroys my views and resets everything back to a view of the inbox.  This is a terrible inconvenience since now I have multiple tabs that had the exact items I wanted on them all showing the same default view.


How can I stop this!  I don't think any of the other tabs in the browser (normally Chrome) auto-refresh when this happens.  Is this a setting the admins of the tenant may have changed?  Is anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas of what is causing this?

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This issue is maddening, and I see that there's been no reply since 2021. I start writing email drafts and have multiple windows/tabs open, only to have Outloook auto-refresh and reset everything back to the inbox view. Luckily drafts get saved in the drafts folder, but it ruins my flow and causes a good degree of frustration when I have a ton going on at once. If there's been a solution, please share. 

I'm not sure what happened with this, but this is not my behavior now. I've moved to Edge for my M365 web apps, but I don't think this was a browser issue. A "misconfiguration" issue may be at the root of this for a specific tenant, but I never got any confirmation of that. I feel your pain.