Outlook attachment drop down list not showing non Office files

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I am using Outlook (Office 360) on an Exchange server. One my PC, when I try to attach a file to an email the drop down list shows all of the recent files (word, pdf, etc). However, on my laptop the drop down list only shows recent Office files (word, excel, etc), no non Microsoft program files appear in the list. I think the settings are the same. How can i get the list to show all of the recent files?

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Are you using the same Office version/build on both machines? Are you using the same user profile? What happens if you open say a PDF or TXT file on the laptop, does it appear then in Outlook?

Hi. It is exactly the same version of Outlook from office 365. On my PC if I am working with a pdf or other non MS file it will appear. On my laptop, only the MS files appear no matter what files I have been working on.