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Can someone help please.

I use Outlook on M365 for my email on my pc. It comes from my Gmail account. I prefer Outlook as its easier to use.

For some reason the email has stopped working and I get a pop up box saying that I need to enter my password ?..but the password is already there.

Earlier today after an upgrade I used my ipad and had to enter my password and then got a 6 digit number to add as extra authentification. This all worked fine.

Do I have to this with Outlook/Gmail on my pc.

The Gmail program is working fine and it didnt ask for two part authentification..I can see it now..but every time I try to get into Outlook it won't let me. I have tried to re-start the pc but that didnt help.

If someone can help I would appreciate it.


Just one thing..pls be aware you are talking to someone who is NOT tech savvy.

I hope someone out there can help.


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@mucky1957Dont worry follow simple steps here with the screenshots I am providing.


First get ready your Gmail Account - There is by default setting in Gmail is for Imap is turned OFF.


  1. So Got Gmail - Click on Gear Icon


  • Choose Forwarding Pop/Imap Setting



  • Now Chose - Tick on Enable Imap


  • MFA or 2FA is a security setting in Gmail - Choose/Hit manage Google Account - See picture here



  • Locate to Security Tab - Hit on it



  • Make sure the 2FA or 2 Step Verification is On - if it is off then make It on



  • You will enter into App Password Window - locate to drop-down - Choose "Other"



  • Write "Outlook" as in screenshot - and Click - "Generate"



By Generating password - Click on "Done" Save the password as you will require again to use it and have to visit again to do so while connecting to Gmail to Outlook




Convert your Outlook account to a Gmail

It's time to add your Gmail account to Microsoft Outlook now that you've completed the necessary steps in your Gmail account.

  • You'll first need to open Outlook and select File > Account Settings from the main menu.



  • Second, in the Account Settings window, select the option to create a new account.



  • Step 3: Enter your Gmail account information and click Connect.



  • Step 4: In Google, paste the password you just created, and then click Connect.



  • Step 5: You're almost done setting up your account. Make sure Outlook Mobile is not selected, and then click OK.



Congratulations! You can now access your Gmail account from within Outlook.

Make Sure Your Google Workspace Data Is Safe

Gmail data is now spread across two accounts: your primary Gmail account and an Outlook email account. Despite the convenience, your data may still be at risk of being hacked. Your Gmail (as well as other accounts integrated with Outlook client) are at risk even if you have MFA enabled because hackers can still access your email messages.


When you use Spanning, you can rest assured that your Gmail, Drive (including Team Drives), Calendars, Contacts, and Sites will all be protected from data loss.


Good Luck - Do not Forget to Cheer Me up to guide more users - This took me around 1 hour to post.



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Brilliant...absolutely first class..worked like a dream.
Hope I dont have to do it all again in the future.
Many many thanks
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Glad to help you out.