Outlook apps - Show personal events on your work or school calendar

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Hey all, I'm trying to get free/busy time from my personal calendar to affect my work availability but having an issue with syncing to Outlook apps.


Using MS 365 for work calendar and Google for personal account. I followed the instructions in the MS doc linked below, and the personal events show up in the Outlook web app just fine.


Show personal events on your work or school calendar (microsoft.com)


But on Outlook for iPad the personal events don't show up and when I add an event it shows my time as free where I should have a personal event.


The help doc says adding a personal calendar will allow other co-workers see my availability, so I know the personal calendar connection must be saved to the Exchange server. I would expect it to then sync down to my other Outlook apps on mobile devices, otherwise this feature is kind of pointless unless you only use the Outlook web app.


I tried adding the personal calendar to Outlook on the iPad which would have been an okay workaround, but it forces me to keep my email connected too, which pollutes my notifications and views.


Please advise if this is expected behavior or how to work around.


Thank you.

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