Outlook app web add-ins not working when WIP enabled

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I'm using the new Dynamics 365 app for Outlook and it works fine on a Windows 10 device that is not protected by MS Intune's Windows Information Protection / app protection. It seems like all Outlook web add-ins don't load (COM add-ins work fine). I have also opened a case with MS Intune support, but it seems like there is no option to add web add-ins as protected or exempted apps, so that it could work with WIP. This is a big concern as currently I need to either reduce our security by removing WIP protection from Outlook or not have the Dynamics 365 app for Outlook / any web add-in for that matter.


Anybody have any ideas?





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Hi Georg,

Several years on and still doesn't appear to be much information available on how to fix this issue as I'm still getting the issue today and no amount of searching seems to provide instructions of how to fit it. Did you get anywhere with Microsoft Support at the time?




Hi Mark,


So I eventually did come right but took me a few months and many calls with MS Support and just playing around. 


In short, you need to check and add all the URLs that an add-in wants to connect to Intune WIP. I used Fiddler to determine these URLs and then added them to list of Cloud Resources. As part of figuring this out, I also added them to the Neutral Resources and just left it when it eventually worked, so not sure if this is actually needed or not - would guess adding to the Cloud Resources list should be sufficient. Make sure to also add the "AppCompat" at the end, e.g.







Hope that helps.






Thanks Georg, appreciate the reply.

You'd think Microsoft would publish something a bit more official around this as let's face it, Dynamics (or indeed any CRM) is pretty much the text-book definition of data that needs protecting with WIP!

I was hoping to avoid messing around with Fiddler but if that's going to be the only way then guess that's what I'll have to do.

Thanks again for the reply.