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I have a question. Is there somewere on the Internet Android/iOS application that can send emails as distribution group ? We tried mobile Outlook app - doesn't allow it, we tried OWA - MS cancelede it. We just want to send emails from phones and tablets as distribution group, like send mail as "info@company.com" u know. Any answer helps.



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I'm not aware of any! Considered shared mailboxes?


/ Adam

Like how you think it should work ?

we have email, for e.g. info@vzv.cz, shared to a few users, and we need to send mail as this mail. But send it like .. the user with the mail shared will log in to App .. write a mail, choose a mail thru which he want to snad as and send. I think your solution would work like that the user will have to log out from his personal mail a log in to this "shared" info mail.


But thanks for opinion :)

Hi! If you have "send as" permissions on a shared mailbox you can send from that shared mailbox, still logged in as the user itself! this works from desktop Outlook / webmail..


For now shared folders isn't supported in the mobile outlook app BUT is on the roadmap and in development:




/ Adam

Yep, i know. We are using it this way on desktop, but we needed it on mobiles too so, I'm glad to read that its in develop.

Anyway, thanks a lot for replies, at least we know how it is.



They are working on Send As support for Outlook on mobiles. In the meantime, you can always use the device browser to open OWA and use the native Send As functionality there.

Alternatively you can try to use ChooseFrom 365 cloud service.

Anyone here have an update? It's been almost two years since the posts that the feature was in development, but I still don't see it.

Hi @MichaelPollard, do you mean that using a mobile web browser is not an option and you definitely need to use mobile Outlook?

@Victor Ivanidze, yes, using a web browser is far more involved when, for example, a member of security needs to send an email alert to all supervisors from Security@, and it's far more bandwidth-heavy when much of our large facility has poor cell service (normally 1 or 2 bars, but usually stable, because of a concrete and steel shell) and no wifi.

Using the Android app is quick and easy for sending a text-only email, but sending as an alternate address needs to also be quick and easy.

Hi @MichaelPollard.


you can create a shared mailbox named Security1@ and use a  so called unconditional sender rewriting rule  that will always rewrite the From address to Security@

Hi there,


I would like to ask if there is any update about this feature in Outlook for Mobile?  We can add Shared Mailbox in Outlook for iOS but outgoing messages are send as user,  not as Shared Mailbox even if user selects right email address in the "From" field in the new message window. Message is finally sent as user. Everything works fine in Outlook for macOS / Web but we need this feature works correctly also on Outlook for Mobile (iOS). Any update?




Any update on this request? How to send email as Distribution List from Outlook Mobile?

Any update on this matter in late 2022