Outlook actionable messages (adaptive cards) and delegated access for another users inbox

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Hello everyone,


I've been utilizing actionable messages along with the action.http function to efficiently query permissions and other pertinent data. While this setup works seamlessly when the intended recipient directly responds to the message, I've encountered an issue when someone with delegated access to an Outlook mailbox attempts to respond.


The problem arises when a delegated user responds to an actionable message. In such cases, the following error message is displayed: "Failed to validate the signature of the actionable message card." Upon inspection, I found that my card includes a header with an empty authorization token.


Here are my specific questions:

  1. Feasibility of Delegated Access: Is it possible for a person with delegated access to execute an actionable message using action.http directly within another user's mailbox?

  2. Forwarding Actionable Messages: If direct execution isn't possible, is it feasible to forward an email containing actionable messages to another person? I've attempted this, but the forwarded email appears to be empty, lacking both header and body content.

  3. Actionable Messages Forwarded to New Recipients: Assuming forwarding is possible, can the new recipient execute the actionable message?

I came across an article by Rik De Koning that stated, "Actionable Messages are not bound to the person that the message is sent to. This person can forward the message to any other person who can then respond to it, even though they were not the original recipient." Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to discuss this further with Rik.


I'm eager to find a solution or workaround to address these challenges. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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