Outlook 365 user cannot edit a contact from the Address Book

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On my computer, when I open Address book in Outlook 365 PC app and double click on a name, it opens the contact.  To me, this is behavior as expected.  However, on another computer I manage, when I do the same, it opens an un-editable card that says "Add to Contacts" and "Actions".  

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Next time you open the Address book dialog, check the selection under the "Address book" dropdown. The behavior will depend on what's selected there.


You cannot edit contacts stored in server-side address lists, such as the Global Address List, directly from within Outlook. You can only do so for contacts in your own Contacts folder.



@Vasil Michev This was not helpful. I have my local contacts group selected and just this morning it became uneditable. I have no idea why this would start to happen and would like to find other ideas for how to stop it. My goto is that it is a "feature" that just got installed except it appears this has been happening with others for awhile. 



This is very confusing and unnecessarily cumbersome. I cannot add, delete, or edit my own contacts in outlook.com and it gives no indication why.