Outlook 365 settings keep changing back

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Hello All,


We have a user that every Monday (so far without a week missed), has their settings changed back to some uncommon settings. They are hosted on a TS running RDS (so everyone is on the same application version) using Outlook Version 2104, Build 13929.20372 Click-to-Run.


One of the settings that are changing is the automatic send/receive keeps getting turned off, this I am manually having to re-enable by going:

File > Options > Advanced > Send and receive > "Send immediately when connected"


The other setting that keeps changing is the automatic saving of emails to the sent folder after it has left the Outbox. This I am also having to manually turn back on in the settings, for this I am doing:

File > Options > Mail > Save Messages > "Save Copies of messages in the Sent folder"


Please note, these 2 are the only 2 I have noticed as this has been stopping the user from being able to send emails (and they need to be able to keep a record of them in their sent items for future reference).


Any advice would be appreciated!

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I have a similar problem that my newly updated Outlook keeps reverting to 'send immediately when connected' which I don't want to do. After a few hours it's back again!