Outlook 365 - sender is not verified

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I am using NinjaForms in WordPress where a contact form is utilized. When a customer submits the contact form, I am supposed to receive an email. The problem is all emails from this contact form are going directly into my Outlook 365 Junk folder and are marked with "The identity of this sender has not been verified". In the email, there is a link named "Not Junk". I assumed if I clicked this link that the marked email would be moved to the inbox and all future emails would retain the "Not Junk" status. But that doesn't happen. The email is moved to the inbox successfully, but now it's marked with "Sender is not verified". If I send fill out another contact form, the email again goes into the Junk folder. Interestingly enough, if I email myself using the same email in the contact form, the emails are received in my inbox without any problems. I am looking for suggestions with this issue. Thank you very much.

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Are those contact form sent on behalf of your Domain, if yes, did you manage SPF?

If not, you may check the Anti-spam setting under Admin center




I have the same problem with mailings that are sent out from our CRM on behalf of our domain. 

What is SPF and how can I manage it?