Outlook 365 keeps asking for credentials

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Something very strange is occuring. Suddenly my Outlook 365 is asking for credentials. When i give in my credentials it comes back to fill it in again. We are working with Office 365 and on-premise Exchange 2013.

1. What i have tried is to delete the profile in Outlook, then when making a new profile it asks for credentials but does not accept credentials.

2. Delete credentials thru credentials manager in Windows 10

3. Added some registry keys found on the Internet: DisableAADWAM - DisableADALatopWAMOverride

4.Added some other registry keys found on the internet to prevent the credentials asking

5. Deleted the content of %appdata%\microsoft\Outlook and %localappdata%\microsoft\Outlook


Hours spend but still cannot use Outlook anymore that is not on new systems. Because i have Outlook already running on a WIndows 10 system, it keeps running. Windows 10 version is 2004, The systems where i have troubles with credentials are Windows version 20H4 so i believe it has something to do with the Windows version i use.


Someone a idea?


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