Outlook 365 - Icons on Message line have moved to the end

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In outlook 365, until last week the icons on picture below (red) were at the start of the line, just after the sender's name. Now they appear at the end of the line, not practical at all. How can I move them back where they were (blue on picture)



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@Hlalibe1965 We would like the same fix, please.  This occurred at the same time as described above.

If ever it was a change request, we should have the possibility to bring it back where it was too. Honestly, these are quick action icons, so they should be close to the cursor when I'm reading my mails. Now, I have to move the mouse to the end of the line to display the icons, to mark it read and delete. No more quick action icons.
I agree. The new button placement is very inconvenient. Having the buttons close to the sender and subject made it easy to perform quick actions without moving my focus (and mouse) away to the side of the screen, particularly when in full screen mode on a high resolution monitor.
I used the Send Feedback tool also. Not only did it take me 20 minutes to find the buttons but the flags are now over there also.

I, too, was completely shocked and aggravated about the change. It is entirely counterintuitive. Microsoft should ask folks about these things before moving them, or at least allow us the ability to change them back to where they were. This is ridiculous.

@Hlalibe1965 , Yes I am very distracted by this change too. Microsoft, please move the icons back to the original position.

Totally agree too – no response from Outlook so far though! Been trying desperately to change the layout to how it was, it seems impossible to do.
Not only have the buttons moved but if you choose to flag a message the flag is now on the far right. The prior configuration and functions were 'near center' they needed to be.
Use the Feedback tool, under the '?'next to the Settings gear to report:
Please put the quick action buttons back between the 'From' and the 'Subject' columns.

Totally agree. Additionally it is not possible to move the column, and so if we display the "MyDay" window, the actions are no more visible

I too do not like the move and find it very awkward to use. I have submitted feedback.

Also find this change affects the amount of time and effort to Action multiple emails. Please add this as a configurable feature.

@Hlalibe1965Agree that this was a dumb move. Was there no user input? Perhaps it was in a beta version that we didn't use.



Agreed, they should be moved back to where they were.  The new location is horrible!!!

Agree - there should be an option to revert the location or the choice to have them left or right of the listing of each message in the inbox. @Hlalibe1965 

100% agree, this is a very annoying change, especially when I'm working with an ultra wide screen! Please move the icons back to the front!
It seems a lot of users are voicing this frustration. I think that was one of the most tone deaf things Outlook has ever done to their layout. In that respect, it is no longer user-friendly. Here is my copied/pasted response to them:
(On the current Outlook email layout the "mark as unread, flag, pin & delete" buttons are on the far right of the email body which is VERY inconvenient. It used to be the "mark as unread, flag, pin & delete buttons were in between the "from" section and the "subject" section. That previous setup was very very convenient as a user didn't have to move their mouse all the way over to right side of the screen to manage what they wanted to do with said email. It was a quick, seamless setup. Now, its the opposite. I would hope Outlook would bring back or have the option for the user to move those said buttons where they want.

Can we actually have an option to remove these columns entirely? They are of no use to me and just take up valuable screen real estate.