Outlook 365 desktop email notification not working

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Outlook 365 Desktop email notification suddenly stopped working for one of the Windows Server 2019 users. For other users, the notification of a new email in the form of a message and an envelope on the icon in the systray is working correctly.

- Notifications are enabled in the Outlook settings.

- Notifications are enabled in the Windows settings.

- There are no policies set in Outlook.

- Focus mode turned off.

- Registry entries correctly set to receive notifications.

What could be the reason for the sudden disappearance of new e-mail notifications in Outlook and how can I fix it? This behavior only occurs for one user ...

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1:Check Outlook Rules
File-->Info-->select the Manage Rules & Alerts option

2:Clear the Outlook Cache..

Press the Win + R keys
Open "RoamCache" folder and delete all the files.

I tried and unfortunately it didn't work.
Hey @Terry_Lazer Thank you for your response.
i tried your suggestions and unfortunately the problem didn't fix :(