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Hi I use outlook to store everything - I have logged this but they never come back to me.


So I wanted to completly reset /re install or repair Outlook ( things like zoom in on outlook today) are not working and previously I uninstalled outlook & that sorted it - BUT when I re install now it loads all my old accounts. I have tried deleting them from the AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook but as soon as I reopen it after a re install it pulls all the ost & pst files back


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Hi, @thefatdude 


Since you are using Office 365, you can't initialize outlook by deleting local data or program.


When you logon with your office 365 account, outlook start downloading server data to local machine.


You need to delete data on exchange online.


Hi thank you for replying?

How do I do that its only hotmail accounts? so how would I log on & delete them please



Umm. I think I misunderstood something.


Please tell me about your situation


1. Account type : Personal / Work 


2. Why ?


3. What you want exactly?

  - Cleanup your all mailbox? 


  - Remove your backup pst/ost file on your mailbox list?



ok aspects of outlook like ( zoom on outlook today) not working it's usually ctrl + but thats not working so far I have deleted the files from folder AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook but as someone pointed out as soon as you log in it reloads file

ALL I actually want is for outlook to let me zoom on outlook today as my vision is going
account type if you mean outlook its email I had for 25 years & the app is part of the office ( Microsoft 365 family plan



Problem 1. Zoom In/Out Not working on Outlook.

Problem 2. When you login to outlook again, it reload all ost,pst file automatically.


Is Correct?


Problem 1.

It seems that recent versions of outlook only support ctrl + mouse wheel. Were you using a different version before re-installing?


Problem 2.

a. Shutdown Outlook

b. Reset your outlook profile. 

Control Panel > User Account > Mail (Microsoft Outlok 20xx) > Profiles "Show Profiles..." > Delete your profile. (eg. Outlook, Name)

c. Restart Outlook and login with your account,