Outlook 365: creating an appointment recurrence relative to another appointment

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In Outlook 365, how can you create an appointment/meeting recurrence relative to another recurring appointment/meeting?  For example, I have a meeting on the third Wednesday of each month and I need to set an appointment (really a deadline) to complete invitations to that meeting every month 9 days prior to the recurring meeting.  Quite often that is not the second Monday, such as for October 2019, January 2020, and April 2010, it is the first Monday.  Yes, I can manually o in and change each one individually, however, I have about 9 different deadlines relative to this one meeting and I have two such meetings per month.  Worse, the other meeting is on the first Wednesday of the month, so many of the deadlines almost always reach into the previous month which can have five Wednesdays, five Mondays, and so on.  I'm open to an add-on or another scheduling program.

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@MSchelly  The reminder box allows you to type in the reminder time if the ones given don't match.  So you could put 9 days as your reminder.  Would that work for you?




Thank you for the idea.  However, not only would that only work for only one of the many tasks, but I already use that reminder to remind me about the meeting itself.  In Google Calendar you get two reminders and that would handle only one of the tasks/deadlines/meetings related to the original meeting. 

It seems there must be some way or perhaps a third party add-on that adds to in the recurrence box, not only once per month on the first Monday, but xx days prior to/after _____ meeting and you click on the original recurring meeting (best), OR xx days prior to/after the Third Thursday (second best).

Thanks, though.

It seems the outstanding programmers at Microsoft could add this feature to Outlook. People have been talking about this desired feature in forums for way longer than ten years.