Outlook 365 closing after opening

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Hi, I have users working in Office 365 Outlook in web access mode while we prepare a server for them.

The issue I am having is that I set up Outlook and after its done, I open it and it suddenly closes on the new installation side.

Does Outlook/Office 365 have a feature where you can't have Outlook web and Outlook software opened at the same time?

Its closing every account now on the server and it wasn't doing that before the user actually started to use Office 365 and they went live to use the Online Outlook feature, etc.

They have Business premium so it should work on more than 1 PC but I don't understand why Outlook closes suddenly.

In the event log I see errors with Outlook.exe file.

They are connecting to an RDP server where they have office properly installed. Other apps don't give the same issue (Word, excel, etc).

Let me know.


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@Citation79  We are beginning to see this same issue with our customers. In addition, if you close your outlook and re-open it, it will not open either.

@Citation79 There is currently a service incidence regarding that. You can access your mailbox on Outlook on the web and on your mobile Outlook client while it is been resolved.sr.PNG

We are seeing this too for a couple hundred of our clients.  Appears to be isolated to Outlook that was installed from Office 365 as 2016 and 2019 clients are not (yet) effected.


I did note that for us if we disable BitDefender and launch outlook in safe mode it will come up and work, but the copy of Office then shows as 'unlicensed.'  Not sure if this is useful to anyone, but wanted to chime in in case it is.

Found two potential workarounds, just FYI:


You can go to portal.office.com and download the installer and run it from there.  This worked on mine and several others.  It completely reinstalled Office and it works.


More info and another solution can be found at: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/microsoft-outlook-is-crashing-worldwide-with-0xc0000...