Ordering Microsoft 365 E3 -> Getting O365 E3, Windows E3 and EMS E3 separately in EAS.

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I have a customer who's ordering Microsoft 365 E3 through its global EAS contract. However when assigning licenses through the Microsoft 365 portal, they are nowhere to be found, but the separate SKU's (O365 E3, Windows E3 and EMS E3) are. My CSP customers just get a Microsoft 365 E3 license that's easy to correctly assign to an individual user.


This is unwanted, because this could lead to license assignment mismatches (wrong combinations with other O365 licenses in their tenant).


Has anybody heard about this behavior, or is something awry? 

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It seems to depend on the channel from which you're getting the licenses. But best contact Billing support.

Thanks, @VasilMichev! I'm curious, as this is information that pertains to a customer of mine: how can I inquire for them? I have no privileges/rights in this customer's tenant.