Option to hide or always show the column header row in new Outlook 365 on MacOS

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down.pngup.pngRight now when you hover over the header section, the column header appears and hides automatically, which moves all the mails below it up and down. I'm getting really sea-sick! :p


Please add an option to hide or permanently show the column header. Also would be nice to remove the folder name there, I usually know which folder I'm in.

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Yes, please. I only expect things that I need to click on to move in a video game. I'm not sure I even understand how automatically showing and hiding the column headers adds any value whatsoever. It's just bad UX.


Oddly enough, others on my team are running 16.41 and do not have this annoying issue. Their column headers are always in view. I'm running 16.42 and my column headers only display on mouse hover. So, is it possible 16.42 added this "feature". What version are you running?


same issue here, Mac version 16.44 (20110804)

Having to switch back to classic view until this get's fixed, really annoying




I agree - why include such an obnoxious feature without the option to turn it off?   

I'm seeing this on 16.42 and I agree - it's terrible!!!!

If I want to open the top message in the list and I'm not PRECISELY accurate in my mouse movement, the column headings slide into place and I end up sorting my entire inbox by whatever column happened to be underneath my mouse pointer at that second. So frustrating!!

Other than that, I love the new interface!

@pe-te thanks for raising this. I'm finding this very frustrating! I keep deleting emails by mistake when the row auto-hides, and it's stressing me out! Would love for this to be a togglable feature too :)

@pe-te any update on this issue please ? 

@pe-te - yes thank you for bringing this up, this is a horrible feature with the newest email I am trying to click on bouncing up and down, please remove it or add the option to disable it.   Thank you Microsoft Outlook Team!

Hello, Microsoft! It's not like this is a beta!



YES!!!! This feature is so incredibly frustrating! I have really enjoyed all other aspects of the New Outlook but, just as someone else mentioned, I keep accidentally opening and deleting emails. It has really hindered my productivity since I switched over. Microsoft, please make this change in your next update. I feel like I am about to lose my mind sometimes!!



Thanks for raising it, just here to prove that I find it annoying as hell. Especially the unintended re-sorting of my whole inbox when I only want to open the top email list entry.


Please MS, get that fixed!

Just signed in to ask who in MS think this is a good idea
its terrible and drive me crazy
sh... developers

Not sure if it's fixed for good, but yesterday I switched my Mac Outlook v 146.46 21012005 back to  standard mode (not new Outlook mode)

Today I switched back to New Outlook mode

and all of a sudden the poxy header row has remained static without floating in or out when the mouse hovers near! 

So, for now, the issue is fixed!


Screen-grab attached


Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 09.06.15.png

@NStapley Hi, when you update to the beta channel this issue is gone finally 

@pe-te this is just one annoying feature. I wish it gets fixed fast. I am using 16.45, 'sea sick' it is.