Opening word doc focuses/displays other open word doc before opening selected doc.

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Hi All, this has been happening forever since I started using office 365, it happens across every computer I have had office 365 installed on so I am quite sure it affects everyone and not just me.


Say I have a word doc open (we'll call it 'doc1') and I minimise it, then I go through my file browser and find another word doc I want to open (we'll call this 'doc2'), I double click on the new doc to open it. What happens is doc1 comes up on the screen how it was before I minimised it, and about 2 seconds later doc 2 will open in front of it.


What frustrates me is that I don't want doc1 to display/focus when I am opening doc2, but this happens for all word docs, and excels. I'm fairly certain this this standard behaviour in office 365, but I can't find any reason for it, and further I cant find any way to turn it off. It is really annoying as I can't use multiple virtual desktops because if I open a word doc in another virtual desktop, it will go all the way back to a different desktop where I last used a word doc, causing me to lose my place.


Please, someone help me work this out.  

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