Opening Excel Files from SharePoint Links in Desktop Excel Version via New Outlook Version

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Hey everyone,

I've recently upgraded to the new version of Outlook and I'm facing a bit of a snag. In the previous version, when I received links to Excel files hosted on SharePoint, I could open them directly in the desktop version of Excel rather than the web version. However, with the new Outlook version, it seems that clicking on these links automatically opens them in the web version of Excel.

I've tried exploring settings within Outlook to see if there's an option to change this behavior, but haven't had any luck so far. In classic Outlook there were setting for this.

Has anyone else encountered this issue with the new Outlook version? And if so, have you found a workaround or a setting adjustment that allows for opening Excel files from SharePoint links directly in the desktop version of Excel?

Any insights or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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