Online Outlook 365 - Message Categories Shown Backwards

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I noticed that the order of Categories on single messages were suddenly reversed (as in 1st added showing as last instead of 1st), so I opened a new/additional email tab, and the order of the categories was reversed / corrected.

-- The attached screenshot has my 1st opened mail tab on the left where red circled messages are showing order of categories as reversed / incorrect with 1st added listed last, whereas right image shows my 2nd opened email tab where green circled messages are showing the order of categories correctly (1st one added showing 1st)


-- So does anyone know why or how on earth the 1st mail tab I opened today has the order of categories on a single message backwards (1st one added listed last), but just opening a new/additional email tab, the issue is fixed?


-- Also, is there any option in Online Outlook 365 to customize the order of Categories on a message (like show 1st added as 1st vs. last, and/or any other options)?

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Really, No responses!!???

-- Someone from Microsoft who is knowedgeable about Online Outlook, could you please, pretty please, answer this (including - if necessary - ask other colleagues who may know)?


I am getting extra frustrated with this now, as suddenly the categories on single messages are once again displaying backwards (last added displayed first - instead of last like usual), and this time, even opening a new/fresh mail tab does Not fix the issue.

-- So due to my very heavy usage of Categories and multi Categories on most of those email messages, I am totally stuck and beyond inconvenienced by this issue


Please help!