OneNote with both Work and Personal Accounts

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I have OneNote for Windows 10 running on my Surface Pro X. It is connected to a work account for a set of notebooks and a personal MS account for another set. However, after a few days it disconnects from the personal account and tells me I need to sign in again to sync.

The problem is, it doesn't give me the ability to sign back into my personal account. See the sign-in screen below and notice how I can't choose a personal account.  


The only way I've been able to remedy this is to completely remove all accounts (which removes all sync'd notebooks), re-add both accounts, and re-sync all notebooks. It will then work for a few days and then I will get the "you must sign-in" notice again. 

Seems like there are two problems.  (1) It keeps kicking me out of my personal account for no apparent reason (requiring me to sign-in), (2) I can't simply re-sign-in to my personal account.


Any ideas?

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