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I shared access with someone and gave them edit permissions. They can get into the notebook, but they cannot add or edit. When I look in 'Manage Access,' they're listed as having edit permissions.


What's possibly going wrong?


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@Kidd_IpYes. See the image I think I've uploaded.

@JosephNierenberg I hope you're doing great but if someone you shared access with is listed as having edit permissions in the "Manage Access" settings, but they are unable to add or edit content in the notebook, there could be a few possible reasons for this issue:


1. **Syncing Delays: ** Sometimes, changes in permissions may take some time to sync across all devices and users. If the person you shared access with recently received edit permissions, it's possible that syncing hasn't completed yet. Ask them to close and reopen the notebook or try accessing it again after some time.

2. **Permission Conflicts: ** Check if there are any conflicting permissions set at the section or page level within the notebook. If the person has only edit permissions at the notebook level but read-only permissions at the section or page level, they won't be able to make changes in those specific areas.

3. **OneDrive/SharePoint Permissions: ** If you are using OneNote with a cloud-based service like OneDrive or SharePoint, ensure that the person has the correct edit permissions at the respective storage location. Permissions set at the storage level override notebook-specific permissions.

4. **Device-Specific Limitations: ** If the person is accessing the notebook from a mobile device or a different platform, certain features might be limited, affecting their ability to edit. Make sure they are using a supported device and app version.

5. **Software Version: ** Verify that both you and the person you shared the notebook with are using compatible and up-to-date versions of OneNote. Older software versions might have compatibility issues that could restrict editing capabilities.

6. **Shared Notebook Copy: ** If you shared a copy of the notebook rather than giving direct access, any edits made to the copy won't be reflected in the original notebook.

7. **Sharing Settings: ** Double-check the sharing settings for the specific notebook to ensure that the person has the correct permissions, and that the "Can Edit" option is selected.


If you have reviewed all of the above possibilities and the issue persists, it might be helpful to ask the person to provide more information about their specific experience when attempting to edit the notebook. This could give you additional insights into the problem and help narrow down the cause. :happyface:

@ProSolutionsPermissions appear to be notebook-based. I sent out a sharing link to one section of the notebook, despite my concern that it could be an Anyone link, which I'd like to avoid, but it didn't work: although the recipient tried to sign in with her Microsoft 365 business account e-mail, the dialog said it wasn't a Microsoft account. That appears to be the problem: if I try to share a OneNote notebook that lives in my personal OneDrive account, it cannot be shared to a Microsoft business account. So Person A wants to share a personal resource in a personal OD storage location with Person B, who uses her business e-mail address for everything and has no personal account: it cannot be done. And there's no way for me to adjust my personal OD permissions; those controls are not accessible to users.