Onenote Mobile (Android) Section tab color issue

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Hello all,


I am using OneNote Mobile (latest Google Playstore's version) from Android (Sony Xperia 10 III Android 11 or on Levovo Tab Android 10) devices. Re-organizing my OneNote file, I updated section tab colors from my OneNote Windows10 21H2x64 -based O365 build 13801-21004 client and sync'ed the OneNote file stored on my personal onedrive disk.


All changes (text, images, sections, ...) I do are correctly sync'ed with my 2 android devices excepted one point :

All section colors are NOT sync'ed correctly, meaning color-code I opted for from my computer side

does not match with the colors I see from mobile devices...


Either color sync is ignored,  either mobile version does not take care of colors.

Reworded, if I change a section from Red to Blue on computer side and sync'in, it's green on the mobile side. Anoter section changed to Blue from Computer will be, after sync, Yellow rendered on mobile...


Section colors are neither consistent from mobile side : all BLUE sections (for sample) from computer side are not all GREEN (for sample) on mobile side, that could lead to color palette translation issue.


Reinstalling app on both mobile devices, cleared caches, no changes...

New or existing OneNote book present same issue.


Bug ? Feature ?


My OneNote Sections are also stored in section groups and sub-groups.

From Android side, expan/collapse is not working ...


Any idea ?


Thanks in advance for your replies.

Take care of you and your loved ones.





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