OneNote for Windows 10 Notebooks Listing Bug

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Screenshot 2022-01-15 125546.pngScreenshot 2022-01-15 130047.pngI use OneNote for Windows 10 (not OneNote 2016). When I click on "More Notebooks" to open the list that says "Choose notebooks to open", I have notebooks that are repeated in the list. The actual notebook and its dysfunctional "copy" don't have have the same location link in OneDrive. 


I know what originated the problem. It's because I have a folder in OneDrive that contains all my OneNote notebooks, and I changed the folder's name. So now in my OneNote notebooks list, it shows the notebooks located in the folder with the new name, and it also shows the notebooks located in the folder with the old name. See attached screenshots for reference.


What can I do to get rid of the useless repetitions? Do note that the repeated notebooks (the ones where the location link is the old OneDrive folder) cannot be opened. They just take up space in the notebooks list and make it harder for me to find the right notebook to open. I've already tried resetting the app, and uninstalling and reinstalling it, but it didn't help.

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