Onedrive stops syncing, but indicates Up to date. We depend on 365 reliability, should we quit?

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WHY is the Blue Cloud icon indicating Up to date when syncing has stopped???

Syncing resumed after the file-creator PC was re-stared, after a yelling-match in the office.

What can be done to remedy this?  Was not the first time.

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May check with logs, mots of the time related to endpoint

Thanks Kidd,
Couldn't find such a log in Service Health, couldn't find Endpoint. Quite a few layers of complexity added, hope l don't have to get my Fundamentals or beyond certification to monitor and keep OneDrive syncing. :) This doesn't happen that often (maybe once every couple months) but its enough to create 2 hours of chaos in our small company, and data files re-named after the creator PC instead of being synced.

Did you figure anything out on this?? Our small company is having the same issues and it's driving me to drink!!! All indications are the syncing is up to date and it's not.


Oh and to top it off - my computer finds the new folder but my boss' computer doesn't???

Hi Sheila,
One of my searches about this indicated having mapped/shared network drives(folders) (on local network PCs) may cause this or contribute to this problem. So on my PC, that seemed at the center of this, I disconnected all shared locations, and now use links to access other user's OneDrive folders. Since then the access speed of files by my PC has increased, and we haven't experienced the sync failure. Except last week when I shut down my PC (MS Access database) before files had time to sync.

I have also changed the folder/file status of our most critical files to "Always keep on this device", (a solid green check circle) to keep a full file copy on the local PC, for each user. I'm still closely monitoring things.


With regards to finding a new folder, my Win 10 Pro PC had this same problem with folders and new/moved files.  I had to right-click and Refresh to see things.  That is all gone now since my fixes.
Hope this helps.

I will DEFINITELY look into that, thank you so much!!