OneDrive, SharePoint and Autosave

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I'm using OneDrive to access our work files. Both Autosave options are enabled on Office Apps and Onedrive.


I'm using both a personal account and a work account. After having issues with my credentials and office not recognizing my work account, I had to remove the credentials from Credentials Manager.

After this, OneDrive's AutoSave option has started to randomly not work. I'm opening a file, autosave is not turned on, I turn it on It asks me for a location. I choose the location(even though I didn't have to before) I close the file and open it again. Autosave disabled again.


There are multiple people working on the same file at the same time mostly so this is really frustrating.


I tried un-linking and linking the account.
I tried renaming Office 16 to in registry .old to create a new registry data base.

These options didn't work for me.


Edit: I noticed one thing, if open the file from OneDrive's tray menu. It's working but If open it from a shortcut or from the folder, it doesnt.


What else I can do?



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I fixed the issue with

"Open the file from within the associated app such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, click File>Open, select OneDrive- CompanyName or Sites-CompanyName, navigate to the file and open it, check if AutoSave appears enabled."