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I'm just posting for further clarity on the OneDrive Notifications, seen below,


I'm drafting a guide for SharePoint users in our company to utilise the notifications settings within OneDrive but have had difficulty finding clear explanations for some of the above.
1. I had never heard of this before but take this as if you don't click on a link that someone has shared with you after a certain amount of time, you'll get an email notification (would I be right in saying that?) I tried to test this out but didn't receive a notification after almost 2 weeks. 
Clarity on both the meaning and the time frame would be appreciated here. 
2. The second notification I understand, as I have gotten alerts in SharePoint before when doing this. 
What I don't know is the limit, and whether it's triggered by number of items deleted or size. 
Clarity here would be appreciated. 

3. & 4. - No issues with, these would be the more popular ones referred to for us. 

5. I understand the notification but found it doesn't always work for me. 

6. & 7. Not applicable for our organisation so no insight needed. 

I'll be very grateful of any assistance, given on any of these points.

Thanks in advance, 


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I actually received the notification from number 1 just a while ago (first time and a surprise). Just checked and I received the reminder after 7 days. I hadn't been signed in to OneDrive on the web or clicked the link.
Thanks for the reply, I did notice that myself in the meanwhile too I'm not sure why it didn't work with my initial shared link.

This is what I've found out from reading up on and testing the first 5 points.

Reminder for missed Sharing Emails:
This notification triggers when you a link is shared with you, and you fail to open it.
After a week, you will receive an emailed reminder stating that this document/folder was shared with you 7 days ago, with a link to access it.

Email notification when OneDrive detects lots of files are deleted at once:
When you delete a large number of files (over 200 in a short period of time) from OneDrive, you’ll get an email notifying you of this, informing you that the files will now reside in the Recycle Bin and can be retrieved for 93 days before being permanently deleted.
This could be beneficial if deleting a folder that you believe to be empty that actually has files stored in deeper subfolders.
This feature also occurs when deleting mass amounts of files in SharePoint as well.

Email notification when others reply to your comment:
When another user adds a comment to a comment you created, you will receive an email notifying you of this. This email will include the comment, the user who commented, the text commented on, and links at the bottom where you can reply to that comment from Outlook, and a link that will open that document in your browser at your comment.
This feature exists when adding comments to files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Email notifications when other users comment on my document:
When another user adds a comment to a document you created, you’ll receive an email notifying you that a user has added a comment onto your document with the same comment information and options as in the notification above.
This could prove to be unwanted if you created documents and then delegated them at a later date, as you will still receive notifications when users comment on the document as you are the original creator.
There are several ways to work around this,
1. Toggle this notification to “Off” to stop receiving notifications on files you created.
Note: This will remove these notifications from ALL files you have created, even ones you may want to be notified of.
2. Toggle off notification but set alerts on files you do wish to receive alerts for in SharePoint by right clicking a file and selecting “Alert Me” from the File Command Menu.
3. If you don’t want instant alerts but still want to be notified of changes in files you’ve created, leave this notification toggled “On”, and set an alert on these files and set the frequency as infrequent as weekly. This way you could still receive notifications when changes are made to files you’ve created but set it to a day and time in the week where it suits you.

Email notification when a link in a Sharing email was clicked:
When sharing a document in either SharePoint or OneDrive, the user being given access will receive an email with a link to the document. When the user selects this link, you should receive a notification verifying that the user has done so.
This could be frustrating if sharing a document with lots of users and getting this notification each time someone opens it. If you are sharing documents with fewer people and wish to know that they’re able to successfully access them, this feature could be beneficial.

We don't use 6 (file uploads) in our org but the point looks straight forward to those who do.

7: We don't use Loop communication either so can't weigh in on this.