OneDrive File Corruption when opening synced files

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OneDrive in Microsoft 365 E3 subscription using both OneDrive and SharePoint with files locally synced. This config has been good for 5 years. Within the last 6 weeks, files corrupt upon opening synced files is occurring across some of our organization but not all users.

Below are video demos of how opening online the file is ok, opening from laptop it goes corrupt. the sync process corrupts the online file and it must be restored from a previous version.

OneDrive Version: 20 169 0823 0006

M365 Support has been useless over the last month. Looking for any ideas.

Solutions Tried to date
Exclude OneDrive.exe from AV scanning
Disconnect and reconnect OneDrive
Set for syncing full copy or save space to sync on demand
Rebuilt laptop for one user 100% fresh with no extras. Corruption behavior is the same.
And yes we have opened multiple support calls and they have no idea or answers, and are almost impossible to reach unless you sit by the phone 24x7

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@Jesse WebbVideo Demo Attached

@Jesse WebbDemo Video of on demand corruption.

@Jesse WebbUpdate 1 - Example of User Experience.  When a user open file in OneDrive they often get the message the file is corrupt, do you want to repair.  We have found that if they user cancels this and goes online the file is not corrupt.  However if they click Repair, then goes online the file is now corrupt there too.  The file must be rolled back to previous version to access the data.  See image.

Update 2 - Possible work around.  

If the users open OneDrive settings and turn off the "Files On Demand" feature that save space and fully download the files, we have much less corruption events.  This helps but doesn't explain why OneDrive sync has started to fail on us...  We have used this config for 5 years and now it is failing? 


Any ideas why?

@Jesse WebbLatest finding and week 8 with nothing from support on the corruption issues...  We have found that the exact same version number of OneDrive has different settings tabs in the Settings option screen.  See image. Really?  How does that work?

@Jesse Webb Did you ever find the cause of this? We seem to be experiencing a very similar issue.