onedrive -delegate access



I want give aceess to 'user B'on  a folder  in 'user A's onedrive .

Is it possible from admin side 



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Sure @supportsib


Via active users from office 365 admin portal generate a link to access user's onedrive. Once you are in OneDrive for the user you can pretty much assign permissions/share folders just like sharepoint.



Is there a way to access permission from powershell .
So the manager can see the user folder inside manager's onedrive
One can definitely use powershell for assigning folder level permissions but there is no real advantage to it unless you have to do it for bulk of users also the permission assignment scripts are not straight forward as exchange. OneDrive is same as SharePoint library to an extent here is an article talking about assigning permissions via csom :
Again since it is just one user the portal route makes more sense.
Also, please note that by assigning permissions to others OneDrive folder you will see it under 'shared with me' section only.