Onedrive data on checkmate: ofice365 license depleted and 365 administrator gone

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Firstly, sorry for my english, I´m going to try to speak in the best way.

I bought on ebay an account licensed with office 365 at a low prize. Two days before today, attempting to enter to onedrive, I got an error that says my license is gone. I loged in later to my online office365 and I could confirm that I cannot download more office package, or acces to any aplication (my web account is empty, but I can access because and it exists because I can log in). In spanish microsoft forums told me to try searching here if its a possible solution to recover the onedrive data from the account without administrator intervention. I have the ebay's payment, and I will pay one month of microsoft office license if needed (I tried it too but protocols from busines account doesnt give me permission to buy a license directly).

The fact is that the administrator is gone, Is it some solution to recover my data from onedrive?

I have about 20 days to recover it until removed.

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Thank you so much.

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@Angel2245 I will pay a reward to the person who give me a solution