ondrive personal files link invalid

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Hello Community

One of or users has a wrong link to the onedrive personal folder.
We do not allow to use the desktop app so everything is web based
When we go to office.com and clicked on ondedrive the tonedrive open perfect in the browser
But when we clicked on the personal link in the nav left then it's go wrong.
The url should be

But it's linked to

And then we got a error that the page not excist


When i enter the correct link manual in the browser then i got the correct onedrive personal file's

When i look into the sharepoint settings it's and clicked there it's all go to the correct site.
It's looks like it's just the url on the navigation in onedrive to the personal site that is not correct

So how can i link the nav tab back to _layouts/15/onedrive.aspx?view=0 instead of /Documents?

Any ideas how to fix this(powershell is no problem).

Kind regards,

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