On Premise User Outlook keep pop up when lookup On Cloud user calendar

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I have issue. I have Exchange 2013 Hybrid with Office 365.

I have two on prem users, UserA and UserB. UserA can see UserB calendar via outlook. That is normal.


today I move UserB to Office 365. After that UserA (On Premise) show outlook pop up like this picture bellow.

Outlook Pop UP.PNG


outlook pop up show like O365 pop up, but it happened at On Premise users.


when i try to check outlook connection status, the issue happened when user try to access on cloud calendar (UserB).


I already try to add two registry,



but no effect, when i open outlook at the first time, the pop up still showed, i already try to create new profile, but no effect also.


have you ever experienced the same thing?

please help





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