Office365 Support for iMAC Excel

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My Case number is 1038846163. My product is Office365. 

I have spent 5 hours with MS Support rep "Cher" and her supervisor "Stonie".They made ZERP progress on my Excel problem on Sunday May 8. My Excel is still broken - it starts by going through all my files (xlsx and docs) and interrupts frequently requiring OK or YES/NO. I have no idea how to answer so I FORCE QUIT EXCEL.

The end result? "Stonie" scheduled a call from a higher level tech for Thurs May12 6-8pm. I was told to wait on my phone for this call. I wonder why I had to go through 2 reps for 5 hours to get to be granted a higher level tech? I am a subscriber. I was promised free support. I don't think would qualify as "free" support.

Now as for the scheduled phone call ... NOPE! no call was received on May 12 6-8pm or 8-10pm either. So another evening wasted on a broken promise. 

So, here I am on Friday evening with NO excel. I cannot open any of my files without the runaway opening of ALL my Excel and Word files. 

What does anyone suggest? Have you seen a similar behavior with Macs or iPhones? Can I get my money back?


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@JayPsiuh Hi Jay, that sounds like a pretty bad experience with our phone support. Unfortunately, TechCommunity isn't a support site, so this isn't the place for you to get help. You might try asking at the Microsoft Answers Support Community (link) to see if some of the paid support folk or volunteers has a suggestion that may fix things for you. I also will use the case number you provided to track down the people you spoke to and provide some coaching based on your feedback.




thanks for your reply. I’ll try the link you posted. 

I have posted my status as of Sept 13 here. As you can see, I use up many hours getting nowhere.
The link you posted did not give relief for me. There seemed to a similar problem from Sumar Patel, but the fix was for a Mac-mini. I couldn't follow those instructions from Jim Gordon on my iMac.