Office365 license or login issue for desktop applications

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I've recently started working with an organisation that uses o365. They have of course added me to their domain. I also have personal O365 licensing for my family / devices so my office desktop suite is logged in using my personal account already.


When i login online in a browser everything is fine.


When i download teams and run it, all works fine.


When i try and launch excel or word to open a file in teams / sharepoint it opens the login dialog, and then says "Your Account is in a bad state. Please sign-in to this account online to address the issue".


When i try to add the email account to outlook, it will not connect.


I've done online login works fine..


i've cleared any desktop credentials. 


my desktop suite is O365 subscription product, click to run.


help !


please dont say i have to uninstall my office365, download the organisation o365 and login.. that means that i lose my own account info / setup, and would also have to reverse the process when i'm not working for them !

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Not every version of the desktop Office applications can be activated with given license type/account, so I'm afraid we do have to mention the reinstall method. Although if you have already activated the application with your own credentials, you shouldn't be seeing such prompts.


As for Outlook, it should have no problems working with multiple accounts. There might be some MFA requirements that you need to address before configuring the account though, best check with your organization's IT folks.


@Vasil Michev thanks.. and yes i have been using own o365 product / license for 2 yrs without issues. the strange thing about outlook is that on desktop it simply will not connect, just keeps asking for password, but on my iphone i downloaded outlook and it logs in and works fine.. so dont believe its an MFA issue. i think its related to the desktop suite.. but i wanted a definitive answer through logs or something ?


Talk to your IT folks, there can be a number of reasons why Outlook is not accepting your credentials, but the version isn't one of them. Unless you are using a very, very old build.