Office365 Excel Add-Ins query execution

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I am working on Project that already implemented Excel Add-Ins using VSTO and language is in C++. 

Following activity happen in Add-Ins:

1. A Menu bar open on click Add-In that has list of Menus. 

2. On click Menu Item, a dialog box open to collect parameters. 

3. On the basis of parameter, database query get executed. 

4. Result of query will be displayed on Excel sheet 


This is working fine if I am using desktop version of Excel application. Excel, database and my application source code exist on same machine. 

Now we need to Provide same solution on Office365 and each client has its own database and addins will work only for that organization. 

My query is that:

 Is possible to provide solution as above with on premise database query execution from Office365 excel browser version ?




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