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Hello guys,

I've an Office365 tenant with Exchange Online mailboxes (example and I need to connect and retrieve e-mails from mailbox account  (that I have credential access) stored on another O365 tenant ( not managed bye me.

Is it possible to make a connector to retrieve e-mail from Office365 mailbox NOT managed by me to another Office365 mailbox managed by me?




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If the need of this function only is for one specific account, and the need is only to receive emails then I would create a inbox rule on the mailbox with the domain "" and redirect / forward the email to the email address with the domain "".
That way, you can receive the emails to the mailbox you are managing.
Instructions to configure auto-forwarding


But, please be aware that best practice is to disable redirect / auto forwarding outside the organization. The tenant that holds the mailbox with the domain "" might not allow it. How ever, it's possible to allow you to do this action through an separate outbound spam filter policy if the administrator allows it.

@Pontus Själander 


Unfortunately I need to replicate all sent e-mails so I cannot only enable forward all inbox emails.



Hi @Andrew1972, you can ask an admin of other tenant to create a transport rule that will BCC to you  all emails sent from this mailbox.