Office Theme Colors impact slide display in Powerpoint 2017?

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I am working in Powerpoint 2017 on a new PPT template from marketing. I run Office using the Black Office Theme. When I open the new deck, the colors are not consistent between the editing view and the slideshow view. Slideshow looks great, but the editing view is impacted by the color of the Office Theme.


In the following picture you can see the light colored slide thumbnail on the left and the dark colored slide on the right. When I run the slideshow, I will see the light color as shown in the thumbnail. It is almost impossible to edit this way since the contrast is way off.


The only solution I have found is to change the Office Theme to White, but I really don't like the White theme.





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I have searched everywhere for something on this and your thread is the only thing I've found. I have to switch to the white theme, edit my powerpoint then switch back. Super inconvenient. I hope there is a fix out there for this.

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Hi guys


Maybe your slides are set to transparent background?


Try this:

  1. Open the Design tab in the ribbon menu.
  2. To the far right, click onto Format Background.
  3. When the side pane pops out, check to see if your Transparency is set to 100% or thereabouts. If it is, reduce it to 0 (see images attached for example).


With transparency at 100%With transparency at 100%Transparency set to 0%Transparency set to 0%I hope that helps solve the issue?







Thank you for the tip but my transparency is set to 0%. I think the root cause is that I am using a company template where the background is a PNG with just my company's logo and a header bar and the rest is transparent per the background being a PNG. So when I turn the transparency up towards 100%, my logo and header bar begin to disappear. I believe my solution is to create a template PPTX that uses a JPEG for the slides instead of a PNG.



That was it for me. The creative team used transparent PNG files as the background images on certain slides rather than giving them a dedicated color. This is what my problem slide's background image looked like. Makes sense. Since the background is dark in my theme, the slide is rendered dark in the editor. Mystery solved!




I took a screenshot of a blank slide (with just the logo and top bar) that had the white background and saved it. Then just used this as the fill for the background and I'm good to go.

Great to hear Preston! Well done!
Awesome to hear! Well done!