Office strange view change on start

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There seems to be some kind of fail in Office 365 Business. When I install it's all fine. Upon next launch the search bar of Office365 and theme of office launcher app changes.

- search box located in the middle of the screen

- no settings are accessible on top right corner

- theme changed to Microsoft standard


With Settings - apps - Ofiice365 - reset, one can fix this temporarily for one launch. I have tried uninstall with uninstall tool with no change. Contacted MS support without success.

Here is a picture:



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This is even stranger. If one now in Home view presses F5 to refresh app stays the same. If one selects from toolbar at left any other then HOME (create, my content or any app) and presses F5 the office profile selected will appear with all required settings links on top right.

@atol71Here is what I get (Note no debug info):


This seems to be due MS design of providing this view when one is using installed apps and the other view (with settings and all) for web apps. I would call this 'dirty quick hack of worst kind'. Go-Lem.
Issue fixed in latest release. Case closed.