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What is the Office public document project is?

It's a document authenticated by a specific natural person or legal person and published in Office Public Document which has legal effect and can be used as evidence of dispute.

The document could be:

1.Volation Tickets by administration

2.military orders

3.contracts by both sides

4.agreements by varies sides

5.bills issued by congress

6.Check, promissory note, draft trade documents,


8.accounting statements

9.Labor contract


Biological authentication: Each side agree the document must be biological authenticated. If a company want to sign a document online, managers of both side will have a biological authentication to confirm the contract. The biological authentication include:

1.Facial recognition;

2.Finger/palm print authentication.

3.Voice print and speech password: some specific person speak a specific pass instruction sentence

And a non-biological authentication like Time limited password to your mobile phone

Which and how many authentications should be taken depends on how important the document is!

Once the document was authenticated and signed by both sides it will be sealed and unable to edit by both side! Public documents could be accessible to any people like a administrative decree. And private documents could only be viewed when you input the password or biologically authenticated.

When both parties have arbitration or litigation, the court has the right to access public documents for inspection as court evidence. At this time, office public documents could charge the parties for its  credibility!

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