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Can this option be hidden by any means? We have OneDrive disabled so it will not work but we don't want users to see it or try to use it.Excel Save.jpg

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Hello, nothing I used myself but have you had a look at this?

Should be available using the Office cloud policy service as well (not verified).
Thanks for the suggestion but we are already applying all of the settings in the article.

Hi, so these doesn’t work? Same option still available in the client and Office online?

As mentioned nothing I’ve done or worked with. Try reaching out to the official support. I am sure they know what to do.

Nope, that setting doesn't appear to control this area. OneDrive is hidden everywhere else but not in the area shown in the image. I'll open a ticket and see if they can help.
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I opened a ticket with Microsoft and they confirmed that there currently is no way to hide or disable this button. They are looking at this and will give me an update in 48 hours.