Office 365 Tenancy Auto Forwarding / Domain Restrictions

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Customer Tenancy has auto forwarding disabled. There are configuration rules that allows certain users to forward emails for the helpdesk ticketing system.
They have expanded on this and now have a group of users that are allowed to auto forward emails to any email address.

Now they want to further complex the auto forwarding rules by allowing the rest of the tenancy users to forward emails but only to approved domains.

As far as I am aware the domain forwarding target lockdowns are controlled in the remote domains section of the admin portal. So amending this and adding domains there is going to affect the group that is allowed to forward to any email address.

Is there anyway that you can allow auto forwarding to any domain for a specific group and then have the rest of the users controlled to what domains they can auto forward to.

Please let me know if this is possible for one and if it is what areas of config need to be used to get a resolution.


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You should be able to configure something via Transport rules, though they do not apply to all types of forwarding. Refer to this blog post for overview of the available methods: