Office 365 spam filters on my Hotmail account

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I've had a Hotmail account for a couple of decades and it's presumably build up a presence on a fair number of junk mailing lists.


I've recently (in the past twelve months) connected it to my MS Office account, when I signed up for a rolling Office 365 subscription. And now Outlook on my desktop is linked to this aging Hotmail account, so I get immediate notifications when an email comes in, even when it's an email about "Your PayPal account has been hacked, click here to secure it!" and the link goes to 

But, I am now paying for Office 365, so should get at least the basic Exchange junk filters. Right? Which should pick up that sort of obvious phishing attempt, right?


Or should I create a new address for use with a new Office 365 account? Then just cancel the account I currently have and abandon my old Hotmail address to the wolves?

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