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I’ve just moved to use Office 365 and am getting to know and customise my new layout within the different applications.  Just a quick question hopefully - is there a way to remove/turn off the ‘Display Settings’ thing from the Status bar at the bottom of all the Office 365 apps when I am using multiple displays?  Display Settings doesn’t appear if I do not connect my second monitor so just wondering is there away to remove this from the status bar when I have the second monitor connected?


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this is still hapenning and all other threads about this issue are locked. Who is running this community?

@rosiebee Yes it continued to happen to me and I never got to the bottom of it.  I now use 1 large 38" monitor so plenty of room for all of my windows on the one screen :)  Sorry I can't be any more help....


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@Bonemister , thank you.. Tried to give you a 'like' but the button isn't working!!

Cheers mate