Office 365 Powerpoint for Windows keyboard shortcuts to order objects


The product in question is Office 365 Powerpoint for Office 365, Windows platform, version 2001 (Build 12430.20120 Click-to-Run). Please help me find the correct list of keyboard shortcuts for ordering objects. According to this article: the shortcuts should be: Ctrl+Right bracket (]), Bring Forward Ctrl+Left bracket ([), Send Backward Ctrl+Shift+Right bracket (]), Bring To Front Ctrl+Shift+Left bracket ([), Send To Back But the actual result of these shortcuts is: Ctrl+Right bracket (]), Increase Font Size Ctrl+Left bracket ([), Decrease Font Size Ctrl+Shift+Right bracket (]), Bring Forward Ctrl+Shift+Left bracket ([), Send Backward I have already looked for PowerPoint options that control keyboard shortcuts, under Ease of Access and Advanced. I found nothing. Thank you!

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