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I have a client that is a startup, they do not currently have corporate email.

I am trying to login to so I can setup the domain and Office 365, but it will not take their AOL email address.

Can anyone give me some guidance on how this all works?  Can I use an email address from my business then change it later on for them?

I have done this in the past but only with clients that already have corporate email.

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@Brian_Branco Signing into the Microsoft 365 Admin center generally requires a "work account", which is associated with a Microsoft 365 tenant. If they currently do not have anything yet, you will need to start with creating such a tenant, either by starting a new trial tenant or purchasing licenses immediately. 


During the setup of a new tenant you will need to provide an email address and then configure an account with a <tenant name> address. Once the tenant is created, you can configure additional domains within the Microsoft 365 Admin center and add new users who will then be able to sign in with their <username>@<domainname> address as a work account.


Does this help? If you need more info, please let me know in a reply. 

Hi, thank you for your quick reply.

I want to setup a new trial tenant, so I can get everything setup before they start paying.

I went to and when I click on Create Account and put in as an example and put in the password, it wants to sent an email to this email address.

This is where I am getting stuck.

@Brian_Branco Setting up a new trial tenant is done via a specific URL, depending on which trial you'd like to use. For example, to setup a trial of Office 365 E3, you can visit this URL. Generally, when you have a look at the Microsoft 365/Office 365 subscriptions page for business or enterprise, it will show you if you can start a 1 month free trial. Just click the trial link for the license you'd like to trial and you can setup a new trial tenant.

@Pavanberlo - thank you for your help with this, I really do appreciate it. I didn't do the trial thats where I got stuck, so I was able to get setup and add the domains.

I have one additional question in regards to licenses and shared mailboxes.

I have 2 users that will be using the same mailbox - so do I need to have 2 separate Office 365 licenses for them?

In addition, is this a shared mailbox that needs to be setup? When I go into that area, its not giving me an option to add a shared mailbox that I can see.

Thanks once again
You’re welcome!

Each user that needs to access a shared mailbox requires an Exchange Online license, so in the example you mentioned both users need a license. The shared mailbox itself does not require a license.

To be able to use a shared mailbox it needs to be created, you can do this in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center or in the Exchange Online Admin Center. Once created you can give both users access to the shared mailbox using delegation.

Have a look at the URL below for more info. There’s also a link at the bottom with guidance on how to create a shared mailbox.