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i have a question about the "Download" / "Delivery" from Office 365.

We use a "normal" configuration.xml file to download the Office 365 source files. The settings in the XML File points to the "Semi-Annual-Channel". All clients use this downloaded sources as update source.
Now MS has released the new Office Version 1808 in the Semi-Annual-Channel too and we actually wont update to the new 1808 version.
The onliest way we guess to stay in the version 1803 is to configuere the explicite version in the configuration.xml file or isnt it? Is there any parameter to use the "second" Version in the Semi-Annual-Channel?
Thanks in advance

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Hi @ice89

You are correct, the only way to continue downloading 1803 is to configure the XML to download the specific build number

All confirmed here - you add the version attribute to the XML

In terms of using a second version you can create multiple configuration.xml files based on your requirements so you can have 1803 and 1808 in your environment if you wanted

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Thanks a lot for your information :)


But this is really uncomfortable :(
I was hoping there was another way, because i have to change monthly the version manually (after new Security Updates released).
The testphase is still ongoing with the new version 1808.

I think it would be a good idea if this could be set in the XML in the future, because we update the sources automatically.


Yes you can set to check for updates automatically in the XML. See here

Look at update attribute :D

Best, Chris

Hi Chris,


you dont understand me and I didn't explain it right :)

We update the sources on a central server with the configuration.xml and all clients check the updates automatically.
The problem now is that the server check daily if a new version is online. We use Powershell and and use the to check the actually released version.
If the contains a newer Version we start the download (setup.exe /download configuration.xml). Now we have updated sources and the clients can update the Office Suite.

Now we have to change the configuration.xml manually with the newest build in the version 1803. And download them indipendence of the Because the retruns only the latest version (1808)
We check the from this site:

Ah I see. I think I understand

In that case, I would recommend you use multiple XML's for specific users

> You would have one XML for 1803 with no updates applied
> You would have one Versionless XML for users which you want updates (Optional)

It is really a case of your use scenarios

Best, Chris