Office 365 no longer syncing with native iOS Contacts & Calendar apps

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We've been using Office 365 since May 2017 and syncing with company iPhones has generally been smooth. I use the Outlook app for email, and the native iOS Contacts/Calendar apps. Last week we enable MFA. There was a bit of a hiccup getting the mail to flow to mobile devices again, but we seem to be past that. However i just realized that my phone calendar was not updating with new additions made on my PC. Further testing showed the calendar syncing was dead too. Based on a recommendation in post i saw (sorry lost the details), I removed and re-added the Office calendar on my phone. It wiped all of those appointments (no surprise), but will not sync them back. I know i can use the Outlook calendar, but prefer the native app to show other personal calendars. Also, it does not solve the problem of syncing my 3,500 work contacts. Solutions?

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NVM, worked it out. After many hours of fussing and fuming, and reading contradictory sync info on MS Azure AD pages, I solved it by logging out of Outlook on my iPhone, deleting the app, and deleting all connections to MS Exchange. I re-established the Exchange source for calendar and contacts, and they have been populating correctly. I have reinstalled Outlook but not yet logged in (real work needs doing). I have also confirmed that edits made to calendar/contacts on my iPhone propagate correctly back to Outlook on my PC.